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Farmyard Party Invitation + Free Printable

28 May

Earlier this month my daughter had her 3rd birthday and we celebrated by having a party for her at The Farmyard Nursery.  The kids all had so much fun, they nursed little bunnies, brushed the Shetland pony, fed all the aminals and even bottle fed the lambs – so cute!!!

When I created the invitations for the party I wanted to keep with the farmyard theme. I immediately thought of red and white gingham which is what inspired this design.  We sent out a map with our invitations so I used the twine at the top to tie the invitation and map together.  I also created party bag labels to match.  Here they both are:

Farmyard Invitations and Party Bags

I was really pleased with how the invitations turned out so I’ve decided to add them to the shop.  If you like the party bag lables you can have those too by downloading the free printables that I’ve created.  When I made the party bags I printed the labels onto card stock, puched a hole and tied them onto the party bags with twine.  You could also print them on plain paper and glue them on or print them onto label paper and stick them onto almost anything really,

Farmyard Party Bag Printable

Farmyard Party Bag Labels – Free Printable

You can download the Farmyard Party Bag Labels here.

I couldn’t publish this post without including a photo from the party.  So here is a photo of the birthday girl who was very excited to be feeding the lamb his bottle of milk!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl


DIY: Owl Garland

25 May

DIY: Owl Garland

Disaster struck this week when my external hard drive packed it in. All of my MINQ + MODE photos are stored on it along with our personal photos and lots of other important things. I have been using it to back up my computer, but as my dad pointed out to me today, it’s not exactly “backup” if it’s the only place the files are stored…hmm I didn’t really think that one through. So the external drive is with my Computer Guy to see if the files can be retrieved, I’m still waiting nervously for the verdict on that so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was going to do a little DIY blog post today but the images that go with it are all trapped on my external drive.  So instead I thought I would post a link to a terrific DIY from Minieco.  It includes free printables and a tutorial for a gorgeous owl garland that would make the perfect decoration for a kids room.

Hopefully it will be good news about my external drive and I’ll be able to bring you my DIY next time…

Here’s the link:


Image from Minieco 

MT Tape

21 May

My Stationery Obsession: MT Tape

MT Tape is one of my favourite stationery items and I’ve recently become a little bit obsessed with it.  You’re probably thinking, as I did, what’s so good about tape?  Well, it’s more than just your standard sticky tape, for starters it comes in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns that are great for decorating wrapped gifts, envelopes and gift tags.  It’s surprisingly versatile; it’s removable and it’s textured which means you can write on it.  So it’s great for things like sticking photos to the fridge and bookmarking pages in your diary.

The MT Tape website features the history of the company in a colourful publication called “The Birth Story of MT”.  It’s an interesting little read so I thought I would share an abridged version:

MT Tape is made in Japan by Kamoi, a company that has been producing masking tapes for over 80 years.  Kamoi were producing a small range of coloured tapes and a few years ago, they were approached by three women who had been using these tapes for decorative purposes.  The three women; a gallery owner, an artist and a graphic designer, wanted Kamoi to produce masking tapes in new colours.  So they presented a book to the company, featuring the work of 17 artists, who had designed patterns and prints of masking tapes they wished to have.  Consequently an exhibition featuring the artworks was held in Tokyo.  Realising that these ladies were onto a good thing, Kamoi went on to produce their ideas and launched the masking tape (mt) label.

Here are some inspiring ways in which MT Tape can be used:

MT Tape Ideas

1. Keyboard by Her New Leaf  2. Vase by How About Orange  3.  Plastic Cups by Craft and Creativity  4.  Table by Lady Croissant  5.  Cocktail Stirrers by Martha Stewart

Have You Seen Our Baby Shower Invitations?

17 May
Baby Shower Invitations

1. B-A-B-Y Baby Shower Invitation {Violet} 2. Polka Dots Baby Shower Invitation {Original} 3. Polka Dots Baby Shower Invitation {Turquoise} 4. B-A-B-Y Baby Shower Invitation {Original}

I can’t believe that after months and months or planning and hard work MINQ + MODE has finally launched.  I’m super excited to be reveal the first collection which includes invitations, greeting cards, gift tags and party bags.

Pictured above are a few of the baby shower invitations that are in the shop.   As with all the invitations, they are available as either fill in, where you write the details on the invitation yourself, or customised where I will print them with your details included.  They all have coordinating, lined envelopes which is what I think give them that special touch when opened.

If you’ve got a colour scheme in mind for your party, I can customise the invitations with the colours of your choice.  You can read more about this in the FAQs.

All the invitations are eco-friendly, they are printed on 100% recycled, FSC and Carbon Neutral Certified cardstock.

Would love to hear what you think of my new little shop, so feel free to leave a comment below.