DIY: Owl Garland

25 May

DIY: Owl Garland

Disaster struck this week when my external hard drive packed it in. All of my MINQ + MODE photos are stored on it along with our personal photos and lots of other important things. I have been using it to back up my computer, but as my dad pointed out to me today, it’s not exactly “backup” if it’s the only place the files are stored…hmm I didn’t really think that one through. So the external drive is with my Computer Guy to see if the files can be retrieved, I’m still waiting nervously for the verdict on that so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was going to do a little DIY blog post today but the images that go with it are all trapped on my external drive.  So instead I thought I would post a link to a terrific DIY from Minieco.  It includes free printables and a tutorial for a gorgeous owl garland that would make the perfect decoration for a kids room.

Hopefully it will be good news about my external drive and I’ll be able to bring you my DIY next time…

Here’s the link:


Image from Minieco 


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